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Waist beads are a traditional African accessory that consist of small glass beads on a string worn around the waist or hips. They contain zero stretch to them and are worn for many reasons. They can be worn as a celebration of womanhood, sexuality, femininity, fertility, healing, spirituality, body shaping, protection, wealth etc. 

"Personally, I enjoy wearing waistbeads. I suffer with hyperpigmentation and body acne and waistbeads help beautify this body of mine. I don't often show them off but whenever I look in the mirror, I just feel so beautiful". - Ashanti✨


    Can they help me lose weight?

       - YES! Waist beads can be used to bring weight awareness. Rather than step on a scale, you can use waist beads to stay aware of any weight gain or loss in the abdomen. Waist beads don't stretch. If you were to gain weight, the beads will sit higher on the waist or feel tight. If you lose weight they will fall lower than their original placement. 


    Are colors or stones important?

     - They are what you make it! I (CEO) do not believe in the manifestation of colors or stones. 

"When and Why did you start your own business?"

I've always had a seroius obbsession with waistbeads and after they became trendy in the Unites States, I couldn't wait to get my hands on some. Sadly, there were too many sellers which made the beads way out of my 13/14 year old pocket. I just subsided my love for them until now. After the COVID-19 pandemic hit I saw the perfect opportunity to start my business. I wanted to create a boutique where women, young and older, can come and enjoy affodable waistbeads. - Ashanti

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